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040111 till infinity


If she can make you hard just by looking at you she the one bruh

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|| headcanon illustrated ||read left —> right

by eques

{ I’m currently out of town, but ask box is still open for fma headcanons! Finished using a pencil and a hotel notepad! I don’t regret putting all those details in Ling’s robe what are hands anyway }

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  • Friend: Do you use Tumblr? It's so funny!
  • Me: eh...sometimes...I'm not that into it
  • Friend: Aw I was gonna say follow me! Oh well
  • Me: Yeah sorry :/
  • Me: *continues to be a world famous blogger*


Captain Falcon and Kirby acting the fool ⊟

Captain Falcon’s booty game is out of control. Nintendo put out 100+ screenshots of the new Smash Bros. this morning, focusing on recently announced fighters Robin, Captain Falcon, and Lucina. You can check them out all here, but I don’t understand why you need to see anything else after that Captain Falcon booty pic. Real talk, looks like he stuffed two basketballs in his pants. Not sure how anyone is going to be able to pay attention to their battle when he starts bouncing around.

PREORDER Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS, upcoming releases

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